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TigerLight T100

TigerLight® T100 Benefits

• Catches attackers by surprise
• Greater impact on breathing
• Fits easily in your pocket or purse
• Proven effective by police
• Combines blinding light with pepper spray
• Easy to use for ages 18-80, male or female
• Looks like a flashlight or other handheld device
• Sprays twice as hard and twice the volume per sec.

The Best Self Defense System

The TigerLight® T100 personal protection device combines high intensity light with built-in pepper spray for maximum effectiveness. Designed to spray out twice as hard, twice as fast and with twice the volume per second as the best pepper spray products on the market, TigerLight® T100 penetrates deeper into the pores of the skin and moves faster and deeper into the mouth and nose. Because of the element of surprise and speed of delivery, this self defense product causes a greater impact on the respiratory system, creating a more forceful stopping power than normally achieved with pepper spray canisters.

Take Control of Your Family’s Safety

Protect yourself and those you love from being injured or killed by an attacker. The TigerLight® T100 non-lethal defense system features the same technology used by police and the military to temporarily blind, disorient and incapacitate muggers and other aggressors. Its portable and lightweight design fits conveniently in your purse or pocket and is easy to carry while jogging, walking to your car at night, driving, hiking and much more! The TigerLight® T100 is even cleverly disguised to look like a flashlight, camera or other handheld device so you can catch your attacker by surprise and you don’t look like you are carrying a weapon.


TigerLight T100